Not sure what to do when to keep your hard and garden beautiful? Enter Green Thumbometer, the combination gardening to-do list, calendar, journal and information source that helps you what you need to do to achieve coveted green thumb status.

With a few swipes of your thumbs, Green Thumbometer gives you simple monthly gardening checklists that you can customize to meet your own gardening needs.
This app is for gardeners who:

Want a beautiful yard and garden but don’t know what to do and when to do it to make that happen. Green Thumbometer take out a ton of the guesswork.

Want to combine a gardening calendar and to-do list with an on-going record of their gardening complete with notes, photos and handy links to YouTube videos and other gardening information.

Don’t want to waste time figuring out what they need to do on Saturday morning to maintain their yard and garden. They just want a handy list that they can plow through before going on with their weekend.

Want to keep all of the information about their garden handy in their smartphones so they can consult it while they’re out working in the yard.

Each month has a standard checklist of seasonal gardening tasks as well as tasks needed to grow specific vegetables and fruits. You can customize the tasks by sorting, adding, deleting and editing them. Add handy notes, links and photos for your future reference. For tasks specific to particular plants, you can add one of our custom icons so it’s simple to spot that task in your checklists. Your checklists are a gardening journal that you can continue to use and customize from year to year. They are a rich customizable source of gardening information about growing the plants you love.

Share tasks with others via email, text messages and social media, set Reminders and add tasks to other productivity apps.

Add plants, gardening tools and supplies that you need to buy to an in-app shopping list. Then find a garden store near you on a map.

Green Thumbometer’s map is customized to show the locations of gardening stores near you so you can pick up the items you need.

Green Thumbometer allows you to designate in the settings whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere so that seasonal tasks will appear during the appropriate months for your location.

Green Thumbometer’s Stats section helps you track over a year’s time how you are doing in maintaining your yard and garden. It’s your own Green Thumbometer.

Green Thumbometer was invented by busy amateur gardeners who get it that you want to keep your yard and garden in good shape, not spend time frustrated. We’ve tried to help you organize your gardening efforts so you can enjoy it and your yard. 

We’re committed to providing you with a reliable app that you can use on an on-going basis and can depend on to be updated as needed to meet your needs.

Company - Rouviere Media
Developer - Forrest Anderson
Designer - Donna Rouviere Anderson
Platform - iOS 13+ for iPhone
Price - USD $2.99

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