The average home owner spends $1,500-$2,000 per year on preventable home repairs. The Home Gnome app helps you avoid such expenses by tracking your home maintenance tasks throughout the year. It provides you a list of monthly tasks that you can quickly go through to help ensure that your house is well-maintained, safe and its systems are running smoothly. With the 2.0 version, the app has had a major upgrade in its features.


  • Monthly maintenance tasks are editable, sortable and customizable.
  • You can add your own tasks.
  • Add notes, links to DIY videos or websites and photos.
  • Share, set reminders and add tasks to your calendar.
  • Add needed tools and materials to a shopping list.
  • Use the in-app map to find a home improvement store near you to purchase what you need.
  • Track how you’re doing on home maintenance for the year.
  • Choose your location in the northern or southern hemisphere so seasonal tasks will show up during the appropriate months.

The creators of Home Gnome, app developer Forrest Anderson and designer Donna Rouviere Anderson, own and operate Rouviere Media, a multi-media company in Mapleton, Utah. Forrest and Donna are busy homeowners who developed Home Gnome to track their home maintenance tasks so they could keep their home well-maintained on an on-going basis. They shared the app with the public and received feedback that has resulted in the Home Gnome 2.0 upgrade. They are working on a new upgrade that will add further features and are interested in hearing from reviewers and others who can provide valuable feedback.

Company - Rouviere Media
Developer - Forrest Anderson
Designer - Donna Rouviere Anderson
Release Date - Nov. 23, 2019
Platform - iOS 12+ for iPhone
Price - $2.99

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