Portraits of Mary


California’s Sea Monsters

Each fall and winter, tens of thousands of elephant seals make an extraordinary migration to California's coastal rockeries to breed and give birth.

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House, Environment & Food

Why did the Chicken Costco?

Costco's rotisserie chicken is one of the most popular convenience foods in America. We explore the reasons why, the environmental impact of producing it and share our favorite recipes that use it.

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Creativity, Design & Photography

Journals - Different Strokes for Different Folks

Journaling is an eye- and heart-opening strategy that helps people sort out their lives and feelings and work out their problems. It also comes with its own set of hang ups that make any discussion of journaling fraught with “I don’t journal because…”

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Lens Cap

Keeping Warm

Legacy photo of a vendor bundled up for the winter in a market, Beijing, China. 

Photo by Forrest Anderson