The World is Flat (Bread)


What is the Louvre?

It's a former fortress and kings' palace, the world's largest museum, a music video and fashion show venue, and a global brand. The Louvre has never been more cool.

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House, Environment & Food

Giving Reclaimed Wood Another Life

Japanese carpenters say that wood is given another life when it is made into a new form. See some of the many new lives reclaimed wood can take on. 

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Creativity, Design & Photography

Our Favorites from Park City’s  Kimball Arts Festival

The carefully curated Kimball Arts Festival in Park City, Utah, is a feast for art enthusiasts. Here are our personal favorites among the artists at this year's show.

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Lens Cap

Back scratch

We've been organizing photos from our decades of photojournalism lately, and have come across many that capture humorous, interesting or touching moments from years past. From time to time, we'll be posting one of those legacy photos as a Lenscap. Here's one of them: 

Ahhhh! A man appears to get a backscratch from a bronze lion at the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. 

Photo by Forrest Anderson