Montorgueil - Paris’s Oldest Food Market


A Lighthouse, Tide Pools and Seals

Yaquina Head, Oregon, has one of the premier tide pool observation sites on the Pacific Coast, plus a lighthouse and seal and seabird colonies.

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House, Environment & Food

Shortbread - Santa’s Real Favorite

Here's a Christmas secret - Santa actually prefers shortbread to sugar cookies. Here's a shortbread recipe to keep him happy and plump.

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Creativity, Design & Photography

Calendars - The Way We Keep Time

Our calendar system evolved over thousands of years and is continuing to do so with electronic calendars and globalization.

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Lens Cap

Storyteller at a teahouse, Chongqing, China

Legacy photo of a storyteller at a teahouse in Chongqing, China. He was telling traditional Chinese stories at the shop when we dropped by during our first trip to Chongqing. When we returned to the city later on, he was gone along with the teahouse. A modern shop was in its place. 

Photo by Forrest Anderson