Marie Antoinette and Barbie

Dunhuang - The ancient Silk Road Meets Modern Technology

Modern technology has met the ancient world in the International Dunhuang Project, bringing old documents, caves and artifacts together to enable researchers worldwide to study the history of Central Asia.

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A Tale of Two Roman Cities

Two cities - Lugdunum and Londinium - served the Roman Empire with military garrisons, government forums, trade and craft shops until they crumbled with the empire into the dust. Both slept for a millennia and a half until archeologists and historical experts brought them back to life.

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The Tower of London - Enduring Symbol of the British Monarchy

The Tower of London combines the glittering pageantry of the British monarchy with less savory elements such as warfare, brutal court intrigue and torturing and execution of prisoners that have marked the tower's thousand years.

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Lens Cap

Chinese farmer

Legacy photo of a Chinese farmer in Hebei, China. Behind him is a Qing imperial tomb.