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Our Mission

At hobblecreek.us, our mission is using words, pictures and high tech to enhance lives.

We do the hard work for you by organizing complex data and images on important and interesting subjects into media formats that you can use to incorporate the information into your life.

Our Main Topics 

Travel and Culture

Home, Food and Environment

Creativity, Design and Photography

Our Products

A regular free blog and newsletter that provides:

  • In-depth reports on current trends 
  • Overviews of meaningful travel destinations and other cultural or historic topics 
  • Recipes and cooking tips as well as reviews of great places to eat out 
  • Home organization help, DIY tips, and information on the environment
  • Creativity and design tips and reportage

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iOS apps:

Our apps are home improvement and productivity apps designed to save you time on routine tasks that need to be done. Our goal is to help you create a healthy personal ecosystem that will enable you to enjoy your life, grow, learn, be inspired and healthy and save your valuable time. Our current apps include:


Our photo-illustrated book Chinese Moments is available on Amazon. The book is the first in a planned three-part series of photo-illustrated books that chronicle in photographs China’s turbulent reform era of the 1980s and 1990s.

Our History

Hobblecreek.us has published enriching and useful photo-illustrated content and media products since 2015.

Hobblecreek.us is owned and operated by its parent company, Rouviere Media. Rouviere Media designs and develops apps, websites and books for business and other clients.

Our Staff

Donna Rouviere Anderson, Rouviere Media’s creative director, is the writer and designer of our blogs, apps and books. She has a background in international journalism, a masters degree in public history and extensive experience in app, website and book design, writing, photo and video editing, and infographic design.

Forrest Anderson, technical director for Rouviere Media, is an iOS app and website developer and an international photographer whose photos are the bulk of those used in our blogs, apps and books.

Other contributors to our blogs and products are credited as appropriate in specific locations.

Our Studio

Rouviere Media is located at the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon in Mapleton, Utah, in a studio built using reclaimed timber from a 150-year-old cabin.


Our office


Rouviere Media
878 N. 1200 E.
Mapleton, Utah 84664

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